Your guest checklist for successful venue hire

Knowing the right questions to ask is what you need to get a great venue to hire for your event. Here are questions you should ask yourself:

  • Who is the target audience and what’s the size of the guest list?

Knowing the number of people coming to your event can help you know the size of function room to hire. You can also be able to tell if the venue is suitable for the audience. The venue you hire should cater to the needs and tastes of the expected audience.

  • What’s the weather expected to be?

Check out the local forecasts to know if there are any adjustments you should make. Venue hire for outdoor events at a time when it is expected to rain should rope in tents and umbrellas. Who wants to have guests being rained on?

  • Has the venue you intend to hire held any successful events?

The venue of your function room should provide you with a list of events they have held before. Pictures of previous events should give you the layout options you can work with. You also have an opportunity to ask for references.

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